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Mindful hydration is to  
consider how you quench.

When you drink water that’s sourced with pure intention, packaged with purpose, and keeps impacts to a minimum those good vibes are a power punch of positivity you radiate out.

Our Backstory.

Picture this: You’re in the desert at the end of Burning Man - a place of radical self reliance. Bring what you need and leave the Earth untouched. Except you see a heaping mountain of plastic bottles left behind. “There has to be a better way”, thought Flow founder Nicholas Reichenbach. How we hydrate impacts people, community and nature. He believed in the need to create something conscious.

Turning to the family’s artesian spring in the quiet woods of Bruce County Ontario, Canada, Nicholas and his wife Tammy started a mindful water company that considers sustainable kindness first, with values:

  • Protect the source.
  • Package only what the land naturally gives.
  • Pursue minimum impact.
  • Be a positive force.

This is how we flow.

To be in the flow is a mental state where you’re totally immersed in the now - and it feels soooo goooooood.

This is the inspiration behind the name that stems from a scientific field of study called Positive Psychology. The research shows that when our energy is focused on one task and we are immersed in the moment we can live more meaningful, fulfilled lives through a positive state of mind. For us, it’s an energizing thought that pushes us forward.

Our Source

Family-owned artesian spring
Bruce County, Ontario, Canada.

pure properties.

Mother Nature does her thing, droplet which is filtered naturally. Our water travels through subsurfaces as it migrates to a limestone aquifer where it’s kept. Impurities exit along the way and nutritious minerals move in, making for great tasting and healthful water.

positive renewal.

Self-sustaining, self-replenishing by rain, our source will always be protected and never drained. Water from deep within the spring is minimally treated for bacteria. No additives. No disruption. 100% highest and kindest quality possible.


In the Clean Water Act we trust. It specifies activities we can do to protect the source as determined by studies found by hydrologists. They assess impacts to the natural ecosystem, who uses the groundwater and surface water now, and the integrity of the source itself. We follow their guidance and commit to keep the source as untouched and pure as we can by hiring experts, seeking studies, and monitoring and safeguarding the environment that surrounds.

Our Water

Healthy minerals for hydration and taste.

  • Electrolytes electrify athletic recovery.
  • An alkaline pH of 8.1 keeps acid levels in line.
  • Super taste to supercharge ya.

Analysis per L

magnesium-analysis potassium-analysis magnesium-analysis bicarbonate-analysis happiness-analysis

Q. What makes Flow water alkaline?

A. Limestone bedrock adds calcium carbonate to our water. An ion that acts as a buffer against acidic impacts.

Our Pack

We ❤ Tetrapak. A pack we can back.


Tetra Pak is a world leader in good packaging. They work with non-GMO farmers in Brazil to create kinder plastic caps derived from sugarcane. But that’s just 5% of our pack. Even sweeter, our complete package is 100% recyclable and made with up to 70% renewable material, majority of which is paperboard.

Paperboard is a super material. Its making process uses minimal fossil fuels and energy, sees a very low carbon footprint and considers high care for the planet. The waste reduction is massive.

DNA of the p-a-c-k
  • Paperboard is our main material because it’s stable, strong, totally recyclable and ecologically efficient.
  • Aluminum foil protects against oxygen and light.
  • Plastic films protect against outer moisture.
  • Plant-based plastics require absolutely no fossil fuels (a no-brainer).

We treat our source like the 8th wonder of the world.

Not only are we precious and protective of the source, but everything we make is relentlessly designed to be recycled with minimal impact. Cartons are collected, sorted and sent to a paper mill to be given new life, from waste to wonder, as recycled paper or plastic goods. A decade ago our partners Tetra Pak, kickstarted the Carton Council which skyrocketed the % of households with access to recycling. Major win for all!

Just 2 trucks transport 2 million packs. An efficiency win.

Our packs are transported as mega rolls and assembled at the plant because it’s hugely efficient. Rolls require minimal vehicles on the road which cuts pollution, keeps fuel low, and helps us emit the lowest CO2 footprint possible.


From spring to pack we oversee the entire process
to mindfully make our way to you.


Our state-of-the-art plant is home to the Tetra Pak A/3 Flex. What sounds like spaceship is one of the most innovative Tetra Pak machines out there, capable of producing various packs, sizes and shapes.

Sustainable manufacturing.

Product is personally made by us, on-site. Even the packs are formed here because we believe extra effort breeds very good things, like keeping waste, consumption and energy to a minimum.

Carbon-neutral ambitions.

Gotta have goals. Product creation carries some of the lowest C02 emissions. We’re also partnered with Bullfrog Power, Canada’s top green energy provider. They match all the conventional energy we use with clean, renewable resources that go into the grid.

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